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Club & NIPA Competitions - Round 1

It is only a few weeks from the start of the new 2021-2022 season and already the pace had gathered with round one of The Inter-club NIPA [Northern Ireland Photographic Association] competition.

This was an open round meaning any subject matter of the authors choice is allowed with entries in three categories: Colour Print, Mono Print and Digital Projection and with separate groups for novice and advanced photographers.

Gerry Coe was the judge for the evening and commenced his deliberations with Advanced and Novice Colour Print. Gerry spoke and gave his opinion on every image, noting aspects that were pleasing but also to gently offer advice where improvements could be made by an author. Matters of focus, composition and areas of a photograph which could be toned down, or on the other hand could be lightened to make a better image for competition purposes.

Subject matter ranged from landscape, portrait, Still life, animals, birds, delicate abstract images, seascape and flowers.

Beverley Stevenson - Summer Still Life

Moving on to Advanced and Novice Digital Projection, Gerry applied the same principals to his judging commenting and giving time on every image on display.

Next came Advanced Mono Print where in addition to the subject matter outlined above many had submitted architectural subjects, which seems to be a genre gaining popularity at this time.

The evening was rounded up with Novice Mono Print.

The film director Samuel Goldwyn once said “We want a story that starts out with an earthquake and works is way up to a climax”

It was thus that Beverley Stevenson gave a climatic ending to the evening with a beautiful mono flower image.


Nigel Snell - Common Peasant

First: Nigel Snell - Common Peasant

Second: Judith Kimber - Knotted Wrack Quartet

Third: Alan Field - Star Gazer Pink High Key

Highly Commended: Leanne Simpson - All Alone

Highly Commended: Ray Magill - Titanic Quarters

Commended: Alastair Bell - When The Balloon Goes Up

Commended: Ray Magill - Fly Fisherman Commended: Ray Magill - Murlough Bay


Beverley Stevenson Peony

First: Beverley Stevenson Peony

Second: Velia Martin Next Collection

Third: Velia Martin Fresh Pink


Nigel Snell - Grey Heron Mobbed

First: Nigel Snell - Grey Heron Mobbed

Second: Alastair Bell - Tower and Triangle

Third: Jack Thompson - Spitfire and Scrabo

Highly Commended: Nigel Snell - Robin

Highly Commended: Alan Field - Colourful Clock

Commended: Alan Field - Catching Rain Drops

Commended: Judith Kimber - Pipes

Commended: John Sullivan - Tit


Beverley Stevenson - Breaking Free

First: Beverley Stevenson - Breaking Free

Second: Velia Martin - The Train

Third: Velia Martin - Poppies

Judith Kimber - Velvet Swimming Crab


First: Judith Kimber - Velvet Swimming Crab

Second: Alan Field - Car Jack

ThirdRay Magill Berlin Apartment

Highly Commended: Ray Magill - Steeping Down

Highly Commended: JohnSullivan - Lloyds Building

Highly commended: Nigel Snell - Robin

Commended: Alastair Bell - Estuary


First: Beverley Stevenson - Summer Still Life

Thanks to Gerry Coe for his judging Duties.

Next Week Visiting Speaker Jane Lazenby.

If you are inspired by the images here why not contact BNDCC and arrange to join in an engaging hobby.

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