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Club Competitions



The Club takes the view that competition is an effective way to promote all aspects of photography and is an important supplement to discussion and example.  Members are never obliged to take part but are welcome to as often or as little as they prefer.

The Club organises or takes part in a variety of competitions:


These competitions are run in accordance with the Northern Ireland Photographic Association and are the foundation for many of the rules and regulations in other competitions.  The competition normally comprises 5 individual rounds spaced throughout the year.  Three Rounds are “open” and have no prescribed topic.  Two are themed with different themes being specified in each competition year.

Entrants are considered to be of one of two levels of experience, Novice and Advanced.

Images are accepted in one of two media, Prints or Projected Digital Images (PDIs).  Colour and Monochrome prints are judged separately.  Colour and Monochrome PDIs are judged together meaning that there are three categories (Colour Print, Mono Print and PDI).

Each entrant can enter up to 3 images in each category.

In each round the Club can select 4 colour, 4 mono and 4 PDIs are forwarded to the regional competition.  Of these at least one must be by a Novice member.

Audrey Argue

This is an internal competition which commemorates Audrey Argue who was former Chair of the Club and a keen natural history photographer.

  • All images must be of animals which may be domestic, captive or free-roaming. .

  • Entries from Novice and Advanced members are judged separately.

  • Entries are accepted in three categories: Colour, Mono and PDI.

  • Each entrant can enter 3 images in each category.

  • Prints should not be mounted.

  • One overall winner is selected



A Panel comprises 6 images with a common theme chosen by the author. Panels are judged as a single entity so that the images should make a related and balanced whole.

  • Entries from Novice and Advanced members are judged separately.

  • Entries are accepted in three categories; Colour, Mono and PDI.

  • Each entrant can enter 1 panel in each category.

  • The entrant should provide a guide as to the order or placement of the images

  • One overall winner is selected.

  • Prints should not be mounted

  • The Panels competition is internal to the club.

Ad Hoc

From time to time the Club is approached or takes an opportunity for a new competition.  Examples are Inter-club and Audiovisual.  These are organised and judged on an ad-hoc basis.  Rules are borrowed from other competitions or defined to suit the circumstances.

Overall Achievement Awards

Five competitions each year assess aggregate performance over multiple competitions.

Following all competitions other than Ad Hoc the winners will attain points that will go towards one or more of:-


• Novice Photographer of the Year:            All competitions.

• Advanced Photographer of the Year:      All competitions.

• The Colour Print Trophy:                            NIPA Colour prints

• Monochrome Trophy (Lindsay Orr Cup): NIPA Mono prints

• Digital Projected Image Cup:                    All competitions

Points are awarded as follows: -

1st place           5 points,

2nd place         4 points,

3rd place -        3 points,

Commended    1 point. (including highly commended)

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