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Club Hours


The club will meet formally on Friday evenings at 7:45 p.m. during the season and informally for unstructured meetings at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesdays throughout the year. The meetings should end around 10:00 p.m. each night.

Smoking Policy


In compliance with current government legislation, smoking is not permitted at any time inside club premises.

Mobile Phones


You are requested to switch off your mobile phones or put it on silent/vibrate during meetings as this disrupts speakers talks who visit the club and is an irritation to other members in the club room.

Social Etiquette


The club is a social event to be enjoyed by all in a friendly environment. Use of foul language, intoxication, heckling speakers, aggressive behaviour or other forms of unsocial conduct will not be tolerated by the committee members and offenders will be asked to leave.

Club Subscriptions


Subscriptions are considered overdue if unpaid by 30th September of the new Club year.  Participation in Club competitions is prohibited if the annual subscription is overdue. The current annual subscription rates can be obtained from the Treasurer on request.  New Club Members joining after Christmas shall pay 50% of the current annual subscription.  The reduced subscription will not apply to former members wishing to rejoin.

The subscription for new members joining after 1st January will be calculated by the treasurer.

Use Of Club Facilities


Any fully paid up member can make use of the club facilities outside of normal club hours such as use of the darkroom, computer equipment and lighting equipment. You need to  contact a committee member prior to the time you wish to use the facilities who will have a key and can let you in at the mutually agreed time.

Club premises can only be used for photographic activities and any other use is not allowed.

The club premises cannot be used for photographic activities that could bring the club into disrepute. Club premises may not be used for any purpose of a commercial or professional nature and neither should this impression be given.

Child portraits are only permitted if the child is accompanied by one or more of their parents. A child is deemed to be less than 16 years of age. You are responsible for proper use of the clubs equipment while on the premises.

Members using the equipment should be competent in its use and should have received sufficient training from another member beforehand if they are uncertain how to use it.

Damage to any equipment must be reported to a committee member so that appropriate action can be taken to get it working again for other members to enjoy. If using consumables such as paper, chemicals, or inks on a regular basis please replace them with the same consumable products so that other members can enjoy them.

On arrival and departure please complete the visitor book. Leave the club room in the same condition in which you found it when entering the premises.

Members are reminded that they must turn off all electricity and ensure the premises are locked and alarmed when they leave. No equipment may be removed from the premises without the express permission of a committee member.

Suggestion Box


There is a suggestion box located in the clubroom, which is checked on a regular basis by committee members for members comments. Please use this to post any comments you wish to make about the club on any topic, on a signed or anonymous basis, if you wish to have a matter discussed and do not want to raise it directly with a committee member.

Key Holders


Key holders are elected committee members for the current year. Their responsibility is to manage the club on behalf of the members and take decisions on behalf of the members, which will be for the betterment of the club and its activities.

A list of key holders is posted on the club notice board and you can contact any of them for access to the club outside normal club meeting times. In the unlikely event of a fire or burglary the nominated principal key holder should be called and that members name is clearly marked on the notice board. The principal key holder is also registered with the fire and police services.

Health And Safety


Members are asked to not stand on chairs or use the ladder to the loft above the darkroom without another member being there to help and support them, and to minimise the risk of a fall.

Disposal Of Chemicals


Members are asked to ensure that chemicals used in the darkroom are well diluted before being disposed off down the drains. The recommended dilution is 1 part chemical to 25 parts water. In the unfortunate event of chemicals coming into contact with your eyes you should immediately use the first aid kit, which is fully stocked and located, in the darkroom.

Fire Extinguishers


There are a number of fire extinguishers located in the main club room.

Please study them so that you know what their purpose is for, and know how to correctly operate them in the event of a fire.

Use Of Computers


The computer used by the club uses only licensed software and no additional software may be added to this computers without the permission of the Clubs IT officer who will arrange for the software to be added to the computer if it is felt this would be in the club's best interest.

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