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Club & NIPA Competition Round 2 (Night Photography)

The second of the NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographer’s Association) rounds took place on Friday 21st October. This round was all about Night Photography. Bear in mind, capturing photos at night can be a challenge because your camera doesn't have as much light to work with. Common problems include photos that are blurry (due to a slow shutter speed), grainy (due to a higher ISO number), or dark (if your camera can't compensate for the low light).

Taking these factors into account our Judge for the evening was our own Gerry Coe, who judged the images with great respect and courtesy. Night Photography causes some debate as to what meets the requirements for this subject and what doesn’t meet the requirements. It made judging just that little trickier when it came to evening shots. There were competition entries in the following sections. Advanced Colour print, Advanced Mono print, Advanced PDI and Novice PDI. After careful deliberation taking into account of shadows, highlights, colours, tones, composition, balance and everything else a judge has to critic on, Gerry announced the images in each section that he awarded places to although there wasn’t very much between them all and it came down to small details and quality that gave the winning images the edge.

Advanced Colour Print

1st …. Conor Davidson: Red Liner 2nd …. Leanne Simpson: Fairyland Fungi 3rd …. Nigel Snell: Light Trails Highly commended …. Nigel Snell: Ballast Bank Commended …. Harry Graham: La Rambla

Advanced Mono Print

1st …. Nigel Snell: Badger 2nd …. Ray Magill: Night Walker 3rd …. Ray Magill: Lagan Walkway Highly Commended …. Leanne Simpson: McKee Clock Commended …. Nigel Snell: Fireworks

Advanced PDI

1st …. Leanne Simpson: Harvest Moonrise 2nd …. Alastair Bell: Night Harp 3rd …. Beverley Stevenson: Big Fish Highly Commended …. Ray Magill: Queen's Bridge In The Blue Hour Commended …. Beverley Stevenson: Old And New Commended …. Mandy Milliken: Tyne Reflection

Novice PDI

1st …. Hazel Newell: Halfpenny Bridge 2nd …. Hazel Newell: Peace Bridge 3rd …. Hazel Newell: Belfast By Night Gerry gave a brief explanation of why he chose all his first places. In the Adv colour print “Red Liner” he liked how you could follow the single car trail lights up the road and round the corner in the image.

In the mono print “Badger” he liked how the badger was focused in the light and how the badger was captured just emerging from its set.

In Adv PDI “Harvest moonrise” he liked the reflections of the moon in the water and the other lights along the town.

Finally in Novice PDI “Halfpenny Bridge” Gerry liked the colours, tones and composition and said it was a super image.

As a club we would like to thank Gerry for his adjudication in the competition, congratulations to anyone placed and indeed to everyone who took part.

The next meeting is Friday 28th Oct and it is a joint hybrid event with our friends and neighbours in Ards Camera Club. We will all be joined by Andy Page and his presentation is Abstracts & Impressions. This meeting starts at the earlier time of 7.30pm.

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