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Club and NIPA competitions - Round 4

On Friday 22nd January 2021 we had the judging of Round 4 of this year’s club and NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) competition entries. The theme for this round was ‘Emotion’, an unusual and challenging theme which promised to produce some interesting images. The entries were in the three usual categories, colour print, monochrome print and projected digital image (PDI).

The judge was Eileen McCausland AIPF ARPS from Dungannon and Cookstown camera club, Eileen began by giving her views on the Advanced Colour entries. The theme of the round was ‘Emotion’ and a few specific image types proved most popular. These included people photography, portraits, musicians and also photographs of pets. In general Eileen felt that the people photographs conveyed the theme better, whilst the pet photographs may have had importance for their owners, some of the images did not convey emotion quite so well.

Eileen then commented on the mono images. Portraits were again the most popular subject matter, and Eileen felt that in this section several of the images had been cropped in too tightly. She did however like the tight crop on the winning image of a tear running down a girl’s face.

Eileen finished with the projected digital images (PDI). Once again portraits were the dominant subject, but this section also included some sport images.

Eileen then announced the winners of each section which were as follows:

Colour Print

First: Anger & Remorse by Alastair Bell

Second: Angry Man by Alan Field

Third: Yay! by Judith Kimber

Highly Commended: Heartfelt Love & Happiness by Alastair Bell

Highly Commended: A New Brother by Bill Henning

Commended: Happyness by Edward Cavana

Mono Print

First: A Single Tear by Judith Kimber

Second: Looking Sad by Alastair Bell

Third: Music Maker by Bill Henning

Highly Commended: Swing High, Swing Low by Bill Henning

Commended: Suspicion – You Lookin at me by Alastair Bell

Commended: Giving it Soul by Alastair Bell

Projected Digital Image (PDI)

First: Sing Along by Harry Graham

Second: I Enjoyed That by Jack Thompson

Third: Egg-Static by Alastair Bell

Highly Commended: Giving it Some Welly by Alastair Bell

Commended: Mean and Moody by Alan Field

Novice Projected Digital Image (PDI)

First: Disgusted by Leanne Simpson

Second: Pure Joy by Leanne Simpson

Our thanks to Eileen for her constructive and informative comments on all the images, and congratulations to all the winning photographers.

Next week we have club members presentations, with several members of the club giving us an insight to their own photography.

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