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Audrey Argue animals competition 2023

On Friday 10th November club members held the annual Audrey Argue competition judged by Martin Spackman from Westcourt Camera Club

Audrey was a founding member of the club and vice principal of Glenlola Collegiate grammar school. She was a keen photographer and had a great love for animals. In her memory the Club continues to run the Audrey Argue competition annually where members enter photographs of animals only.

Members submit their work into three categories which are colour print, mono print and in digital form for both novice and for advanced photographers.

Martin judged the images giving advice on where the images could be improved such as lighting, composition, focus, cropping, etc.

To a photographer, this critic can be valuable so that they know how to improve future images taken.

Martin went through all the images in each category and placed them as such:

Advanced Mono Print

1st .. “Three Brothers” by Hugh Rooney

2nd .. “Hungry Lion” by Harry Graham

3rd .. “Bully” by Leanne Simpson

Advanced Colour Print

1st .. “Little Egrets” by Harry Graham

2nd .. “Red Squirrel” by Leanne Simpson

3rd .. “Waiting” by Leanne Simpson

Advanced PDI

1st .. “Watching the world go by” by Alastair Bell

2nd .. “Ghostly hunter” by Ian Thorn

3rd .. “Step Away slowly” by Ian Thorn

Highly Commended .. “Jackdaw” by Leanne Simpson

Highly Commended .. “Lavender flower” by Hanna Brown

Highly Commended .. “Redshank” by Leanne Simpson

Highly Commended .. “Jess Goshawk” by Beverley Stevenson

Novice PDI

1st .. “Fieldfare Migration Journey” by Keith Hassall

2nd .. “Orb Weaver Spider” by Hazel Newell

3rd .. “Cheeky Cow” by Hazel Newell

OVERALL WINNER of Audrey Argue for this year is Hugh Rooney. Many congratulations to Hugh on a superb image and well done to everyone who wasn’t only placed but who took part. Without any entries there wouldn’t be a competition.

On behalf of BNDCC we’d like to thank Martin for his time and honesty in judging the images.

Next week Martin is back with us to talk about Westcourt Camera Club Homelessness projects.

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