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Audrey Argue animals competition 2022

Last Friday 11th November club members gathered for the annual Audrey Argue competition .

Audrey was a founding member of the club and vice principal of Glenlola Collegiate grammar school for girls in the heart of Bangor and serving all of the North Down Community. Audrey had a great interest in animals and their welfare and this competition is held in her memory and her honour.

Members submit their work in three categories colour print, mono print and in digital projection for both novice and for advanced workers.

On this occasion Chelle McGaughey was welcomed as the judge for the evening .

While the quantity of submissions was not at the level as previous years never the less the standard in both novice and advanced sections was extremely high .

Starting with advanced colour print Chelle considered all the entries giving her advice and constructive critique of every image on display .

Matters of cropping, focus, treatment of background and position of subject in the frame all came under the judge's eye .

Subject matter was wide ranging with ducks pigeons heron and other birds. Fox, insects, bees and butterfly, seals, squirrel and domestic pets were all captured by the lens craft displayed by the entrants.

At the end of each section and in the different categories Chelle announced the winners and placings as follows:

OVERALL WINNER of Audrey Argue for this year is Beverley Stevenson for Bee On Flower. Congratulations to Beverley newly promoted to the advanced group this year.


Ray Magill Run For home First

Harry Graham Urban Fox Second

Ray Magill Car Park Attendant Third


Harry Graham Barbary Lion First

Harry Graham Cormorant Second

Harry Graham Little Egret Third;


Beverley Stevenson Bee On Flower First

Jack Thompson Butterfly Second

Leanne Simpson Fly On Windscreen Third


Hazel Newell Saoise The red Kite First

Elliot North Wily Wolf Second

Hazel Newell Eagle Eyed Third

Many thanks to Chelle McGaughey for her incisive and considerate judging.

Thanks to the winners and those placed and thanks to all who submitted their outstanding work.

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