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Audrey Argue Animal photography competition

After last weeks international event hosted by the club where Fran Forman from her home in Boston and to which The RPS The Royal Photographic Society and others throughout the globe also joined in. Many might say follow that.

Fortunately the Bangor club was able to rely on its annual Audrey Argue Animal Photographic Competition. Audrey Argue was a founding member of the club and a local teacher with an interest in animal life. This competition is held in her memory and her honour.

Subjects allowed are domestic pets and wild life.If it walks, flies, swims, creeps, crawls and slithers all these are possible and that is what was on display.

Harry Watson the competition secretary established himself at what was a command centre in the club premises, from where he was able to share the images with the judge Chelle McCaughey and those gathered at home.

Chellie was welcomed and commented that she had been to the club before and said she must have got something right to be asked back.

Chelle was to consider every image in novice and advanced sections and in colour print, mono print and in digital projection making constructive observations and advice but, also commenting where she thought images might be improved and where an author had made some error.

Cats and dogs were as usual popular along with birds in flight, birds in action, landing on water, tigers, goats, cows & elephants. Seal pups, bees bugs and barn owls.

Eventually Chelle revealed her choice of the winning entries, which were ass follows:

COLOUR PRINT ADVANCED: John Sullivan - For My Next Trick

MONO PRINT ADVANCED: Alan Field - Smiler

DIGITAL PROJECTION ADVANCED: John Sullivan - Thistle-Bee- Tasty

MONO PRINT NOVICE: Leanne Simpson - Three Goatees

DIGITAL PROJECTION NOVICE: Leanne Simpson - Pleasant Pheasant

This year's overall winner was John Sullivan with his image 'For My Next Trick'.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who submitted entries to make this event such a success.

Next week the club will host another international event with iconic American photographer Dan Burkholder.

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