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Panels Competition

On Friday 13th January members returned to the club for the first time since the Christmas break. They held its annual Panels Competition with 13 entries in total. This competition is where members submit a selection of 6 images and a layout as to how the images should be shown. The images should tell a story or be related in a way such as colour, theme, subject, etc. The importance of the layout is to show how the images should sit in a way that draws your eye in towards the middle or in a way that is pleasing to look at.

This is a competition that the club organizes internally and is good practice for any member wanting to work towards a panel distinction in the future.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Vittorio Silvestri from CPA Camera Club to judge the members entries. Vittorio is no stranger to the club and always gives valuable and constructive feedback on all images when he is judging. He spoke about what elements he thought was strong about the images and pointed for example, where the light could have been better or how a different crop would help certain images. This kind of advice is always welcome as it’s something the competitor may have overlooked or hadn’t thought of at the time.

The groups, as always, were Colour Prints, Mono Prints and PDI, all divided into Advanced and Novice entries.

The majority of the panels this year fell into the subject categories of Architecture, Sport and Nature.

After careful deliberation Vittorio made his decision between the entries as follows.

Colour Prints Advanced ..

1st place .. Santorini by Edward McCavana

2nd place .. Summer Blooms by Ray Magill

3rd place .. Legend Racing by Harry Graham

Colour Prints Novice ..

1st place .. Donkeys' Haven by Hanna Brown

Mono Prints ..

1st place .. Birkenau Concentration Camp by Harry Graham

2nd place .. Contemporary Architecture by Edward McCavana

PDI advanced

1st place .. The Tulip Staircase by Mandy Milliken

2nd place .. Kelpies by Alastair Bell

3rd place .. Up Close by Leanne Simpson

PDI novice

1st place .. The Duck Pond by Hanna Brown

BNDCC would like to thank Vittorio for taking the time to come to the club to judge all the entries and giving his expert judgement on all images.

The next Club meeting is Friday 20th Jan with the NIPA Interclub Competition – Round 4 entitled (Industry)

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