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Lockdown. The search for the Holy Grail (of Panels) – Peter Hughes & Judith Kimber

On Friday the 19th March two club members Judith Kimber and Peter Hughes spoke about and showcased their recent work for RPS Distinctions. For Judith it was a recently achieved Associate panel of fifteen images and for Peter it was for a Fellowship distinction with a panel of 20 or 21 images.

Peter chose to kick off first and commenced by outlining his photographic background and influences which started when he was a young boy and been given a camera by his father. His next camera was a Russian Zenith then with film 35 mm Canon AE series presently Peter uses a Fuji XT1 and an iPhone 12 .

Peter joined BNDCC in the 1990's where his photography developed through competing in competitions and attending talks give given by guest speakers

Then on joining The Royal Photographic Society progressed through their distinction system obtaining Licentiate and Associate distinctions.

Peters photography is an eclectic mix of styles and genre and has been much influence by both local ,UK and international practitioners.

A vision ,a way of looking, away of seeing is essential to Peters approach to his craft.

His Fellowship panel is an abstract colourful arrangement of seaweed and elements found along a shore line and, reinforces the idea of looking with an eye for detail shape and colour.

Next it was the turn of Judith to reveal her RPS Associate panel which by coincidence was similar in content to that of Peters depicting kelp photographed along the sea line of Kearney.

This panel also in colour is much restrained or muted and explores the way light is reflected along the edges of the kelp revealing the microscopic minuscule life forms inhabiting or living on the kelp.

The result was the creation of a delicate abstract arrangement of shape, form and subtle colour.

Judith explained that her panel was developed for considerable time during which there were moments of both doubt ,elation and joy but principally determination always a necessary accompaniment to the creative process. Subjects considered include old American cars, and her parents hands.

Both these photographers offer the viewer their distinctive and transcendent view of their subject that reveals an esoteric creative energy .

All present expressed their appreciation to Judith and Peter for sharing their visions.

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