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Club and NIPA competitions - Round 3

On Friday 11th December 2020 we had the judging of Round 3 of this year’s club and NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) competition entries. The entries were in the three usual categories, colour print, monochrome print and projected digital image (PDI). This round had was an open round so there was a wide range of types of images on display.

The judge was William Allen from City of Belfast camera club, William began by giving his views on the Advanced Monochrome entries. He felt that some of the mono wildlife images may have been more successful in colour, however he was very complimentary on a high key image of a white gull, which he felt worked very well in black and white.

William then commented on the Advanced Colour images. There was a wide range of subject matter within the entries, including images of nature, still life, travel, architecture, travel and portraiture. William commented on all of the images, he particularly liked some of the strong bird photography within the section.

William finished with the projected digital images (PDI). Once again there was a wide variety of subject matter, including flowers, wildlife, boats, architecture and close up photography.

William then announced the winners of each section which were as follows:

Mono Print

First: Nigel Snell

Second: Ray Magill

Third: Alan Field

Black Headed Gull by Nigel Snell

Colour Print

First: Alan Field

Second: Mandy Milliken

Third: Harry Graham

Wee Drop by Alan Field

Projected Digital Image (PDI)

First: Alan Field

Second: Jane McElroy

Third: Bill Henning

Undercover Ladybird by Alan Field

Novice Projected Digital Image (PDI)

First & Second: Leanne Simpson

Third: Velia Martin

Colours of Autumn by Leanne Simpson

Our thanks to William for his constructive and informative comments on all the images, and congratulations to all the winning photographers.

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