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Andy Page - Abstracts and Impressions

Last Friday in a joint event Ards Camera Club and Bangor and North Down Camera Club members gathered in welcome to Andy Page who presented his work in stunning abstract image making.

To commence Andy said that this genre of photography is defined as relaying to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes ,colour, and textures.

Andy stated that his aim was to create his art in camera and was at pains not to do much post processing in Lightroom or Photoshop.In other words to produce in camera images that are finally viewed.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things ,but their inward significance .


To this end Andy relies on multi exposure to combine two images making changes between the exposures such as altering the white balance colour temperature between two frames having one set on the cooler blue tones and another set towards warmer red tones.

Other methods employed are INTENTIONAL CAMERA MOVEMENT .

That is rotating or vertically moving the camera during an exposure time of around 1 second. Another technique is zoom twist that is adjusting the lens zoom amount during exposure and thus distort reality.

Andy is influenced by the impressionist pointillist painters and by artists such as Paul Gougin with colour , tone ,form and texture being explored.

Andy wishes to to challenge conventions ,break the rules and explore ambiguity. Patience, persistent and practice are required in order to succeed.

Andy referred to the work of Guy Tal author photographer and educator

recommending him for further reading .

Many thanks to Andy Page for his fascinating and instructive talk. If you would like to see more of Andy's work, you can visit his web site at

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