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2021/22 Exhibition - Judges Feedback

Friday last marked the last formal event of the 2021-2020 season as members welcomed Anita Kirkpatrick from Enniskillen Camera Club . Anita had been appointed as the judge for the annual exhibition submissions and was invited to provide her feedback .

During the season the club had witnessed many fantastic events and talks from around the world and had attracted outstanding speakers both local .the UK and from as far away as Africa .

Though it would be everyones wish that by September a full return to the club premises will be possible never the less by means of Zoom the club has benefited by being able to consider the work of practitioners who could not be brought to the attention of members in normal times.

Anita commenced her deliberations which was to reveal a cornucopia ,indeed a smorgasbord of image making in the the various themes in the exhibition format .

Chairmans Challenge the theme was flowers. General Colour, General Mono, Landscape Colour, and Landscape Mono, Digital Projection General, Digital Projection Landscape, Digital Projection Portrait, Portrait Colour, Portrait Mono.

Anita spoke briefly giving her advice on every image in the above categories, and made reference to what she liked and at times where improvements could be made .

Birds, animals wild and domestic were featured as was architecture, sport, travel, Seascape, still life and abstract were all in evidence.

In each category Anita revealed her choice of the winning and placed images, which had given their authors their prizes and awards which had be revealed during the annual club dinner the previous week.

Once again this year all the images will be displayed on the club web pages though for next year a return to a public display of prints as in past years is hoped for. The opening night of the exhibition is always much valued by members who gather to to enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles, and view the outstanding work of the club. Please feel free to visit the club web site at


General Colour Advanced

Jack Thompson Quad Takes The Air First

Jack Thompson Ploughing Second

Nigel Snell Dunlin Third

Judith Kimber Moonlight Wack Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson Welk With Barnacles Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson When Robin Appears Commended

Alastair Bell No Entry Commended

Mandy Milliken Needs A Lick Of Paint Commended

General Colour Novice

Beverley Stevenson Dreamy Tulips First

Scott Catchpole -Wilson Piering Gull Second

Beverley Stevenson White Link Third

General Mono Advanced

Judith Kimber Horn wrack First

Ray Magil Berlin Apartment Block Second

Alastair Bell Potsdamer Pavement Third

Ray Magil Stepping Down Highly Commended

Alastair Bell Curious Commended

Mandy Milliken Three Buildings Highly Commended

Mandy Milliken Staircase Commended

General Mono Novice

Beverley Stevenson The Reluctant Model First

Ciara Catchpole-Wilson Sitting On The Dock OF the Bay Second

Beverley Stevenson Cherry Branch Third

Landscape Colour Advanced

Nigel Snell Autumn River First

Leanne Simpson Sunset Row Second

Ray Magil Maidens With Foreground Rocks Third

Alastair Bell Sailing Into Port Highly Commended

Landscape Colour Novice

Beverley Stevenson

Tree Limbs First

Beverley Stevenson Blackhead Lighthouse Second

Ciara Catchpole-Wilson

Mount Stewart Third

Landscape Mono Advanced

Leanne Simpson View from Queens Bridge First

Mandy Milliken Through The Trees Second

Nigel Snell Half Dome Third

Mandy Milliken Kearney Cottages Highly Commended

Digital Projection General Advanced

Alastair Bell

TV Tower Berlin


Judith Kimber

Lily In Shallow Water Second

Ray Magil Donaghadee Lighthouse


Mandy Milligen

Boats At Sunset

Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson

Crab Under Water

Highly Commended

Mandy Milliken Take A Seat Highly Commended

Ray Magil Street Entertainer Commended

Alastair Bell Art Gallery Berlin Commended

Digital Projection General Novice­

Beverley Stevenson City Singer Robin First

Scott Catchpole -Wilson Great Blue Heron Second

Scott Catchpole -Wilson Rathlin Nest Builder Third

Digital Projection Portrait

Leanne Simpson Grandad's Beard Is Too Itchy First

Alastair Bell Havana Smile Second

Leanne Simpson Waiting On The Tooth Fairy Third

Jack Thompson Noel Highly Commended

Digital Projection Mono

Nigel Snell Did You See That First

Alastair Bell Gerry Second

Nigel Snell Jessica Third

Leanne Simpson Waiting For Lunch Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson Boy In Mirror Highly Commended

Chairman's Challenge - Flowers

Ray Magil Water Lilly First

Alastair Bell Holocaust 2 Second

AlanMc Morris Lady Dixons Third

Ray Magil Wet Arum Lily Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson In The Pink Highly Commended

Chairman's Challenge Novice - Flowers

Beverley Stevenson

Spring Flowers


Ciara Catchpole -Wilson

After The Rain



Top Digital Projection Advanced

Nigel Snell Skerries First

Top Digital Projection Novice

Beverley Stevenson City Singer Robin First

Top Colour Advanced

Jack Thompson Quad In Air First

Top Colour Novice

Beverley Stevenson Tree Limbs First

Top Mono Advanced

Nigel Snell Did You See That First

Top Mono Novice

Beverley Stevenson The Reluctant Model First

Many Thanks to Anita for judging the 2021-2022 Exhibition submissions.

Congratulations to the winners and placed entrants and many thanks to all who have submitted their work to the exhibition.

So as the sun sets on the 2021-2022 season farewell for now. Back in September.

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