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Xencelabs: Working with Graphic Tablets - Ian Sayers

On February 24, 2024, Ian Sayers delivered a captivating presentation on Xencelabs' innovative work with graphic tablets and their potential to enhance the workflow for artists and photographers. The talk was hosted at Bangor and North Down Camera Club, drawing a good crowd eager to explore advancements in digital artistry tools.

Ian commenced the presentation by introducing Xencelabs' commitment to revolutionizing the creative process through cutting-edge technology.

He then went on to describe howthe Xencelabs' tablet surface is pressure-sensitive, meaning it can detect varying levels of pressure applied by the pen. This allows users to create thicker or thinner lines, as well as achieve different levels of opacity or shading, simply by adjusting the pressure they apply.

The included pen stylus is designed to mimic the feel and functionality of traditional drawing or painting tools. It typically has buttons on the side that can be programmed to perform specific functions, such as changing brush sizes or toggling between tools.

Ian's talk then focused on the Quick Keys feature of Xencelabs pen tablets.

These buttons are designed to improve workflow efficiency by allowing users to access commonly used tools or commands directly from the tablet, cutting out the need to navigate through complex menus or use keyboard shortcuts. By assigning specific functions to each Quick Key, artists or photographers can perform actions with a simple press of a button, significantly speeding up their creative process.Ian explained users can assign a wide range of commands or shortcuts to each button, such as  switching between layers, or undoing and redoing actions. The tablets also allow for different sets of Quick Keys to be created and saved, which can be particularly helpful for users working in different software applications such as Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as other programs.

During the presentation, Ian provided members with a hands-on experience by passing around both medium and small-sized graphic tablets, along with smart keys and pens. This tactile interaction allowed club members to gain a deeper understanding of the products' ergonomics and functionality.

To further engage the audience, Ian announced a very generous  giveaway at the end of his talk. A graphics tablet was given out in a draw generating excitement and anticipation among attendees, providing the lucky recipient Hazel Newell with firsthand experience of Xencelabs' offerings.

In conclusion, Ians' presentation on Xencelabs' graphic tablets was met with enthusiasm from members with plenty of questions. By offering insights into the intersection of technology and creativity, Ian provided valuable knowledge and inspiration for artists and photographers seeking to elevate their craft. The talk served as a testament to the importance of embracing innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital artistry and overall, the evening proved to be both informative and engaging, leaving members eager to explore the potential of Xencelabs' products in their own creative endeavors. On behalf of Bangor and North Down Camera Club we would like to thank Ian for his presentation and may your good health persist and bring you continued happiness and vitality.

Leanne Simpson - Information officer for BNDCC 

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