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Working with Textures - Jane Lazenby BA(HONS) FINE ART, LRPS, ASEA, QTFE2, BPE5*, EFIAP/S, DPAGB, FMPA, AWPF

Jane Lazenby a renowned photographer, with many distinctions, recently delivered an insightful talk on the art of working with textures in photography to Bangor & North Down Camera Club. During her presentation, she emphasized the significant impact that textures can have on the overall aesthetic and emotional appeal of a photograph. Throughout her talk she showed many images which she completely transformed using her technique of textures.

ane discussed the various techniques and methods she employs to incorporate textures into her work, highlighting the creative opportunities they present. She emphasized the importance of carefully considering the subject matter and desired mood of a photograph when selecting and applying textures. By strategically integrating textures, photographers can achieve a wide range of effects, from adding depth and dimension to creating a sense of nostalgia or mystery.

Furthermore, in the second half of her talk, Jane shared practical tips and tricks for photographers looking to explore the world of textures using Photoshop. She demonstrated how different textures, such as grunge surfaces, fabric patterns, or natural elements like peeling paint or tree bark, can be used to evoke specific emotions and enhance the storytelling aspect of an image. By experimenting with blending modes, opacity adjustments, and layering techniques in post-processing, photographers can achieve unique and compelling results.

Throughout her talk, Lazenby stressed the importance of creativity, experimentation, and personal expression in utilizing textures effectively. She encouraged fellow photographers to embrace the versatility of textures and use them as a tool for conveying their artistic vision.

In conclusion, Jane's talk on working with textures provided valuable insights and inspiration for photographers seeking to elevate their work. By understanding the potential impact of textures and learning how to thoughtfully integrate them into their photographs, photographers can unlock new possibilities for storytelling and artistic expression. Jane's expertise and passion for textures serve as a guiding light for those looking to expand their creative horizons in the world of photography.

On behalf of Bangor & North Down Camera Club we would like to thank Jane for sharing her images and showing us how to use textures effectively. A very inspirational evening which many of the members enjoyed and will quite possibly experiment with. 

You can find Jane's work on her website

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