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The Inspiring Influences of Photographers on Hugh Rooney and Gerry Coe

On Friday we had Hugh Rooney and Gerry Coe sharing some of their photographic influences with us. In the first half of the evening Hugh showed us images from photographers John Sexton, Bruce Percy, George Digalakis, and Hengki Koenjtoro. These photographers have left indelible marks on the world of photography, each with a unique style and vision that has influenced the work of many. Here, we briefly explore their contributions and how the ripple effect can influence others .

John Sexton is celebrated for his mastery of black and white landscape photography, deeply influenced by Ansel Adams. His meticulous attention to composition and tonal range has set a high standard for capturing the grandeur of nature. Bruce Percy is a renowned Scottish landscape photographer known for his exquisite and minimalist approach to capturing the natural world. His work often focuses on remote and serene landscapes, characterized by their simplicity and mood. Percy's photographs convey a deep connection to nature, emphasizing tranquility and the essence of a place, which has earned him international acclaim in the world of fine art landscape photography.. George Digalakis, on the other hand, explores the serene aspects of nature, infusing his work with a delicate quality. Hengki Koenjtoro's photography includes moody and atmospheric seascapes. His images capture the delicate beauty and drama of the sea in his own unique way.

Even in such a brief description below we can see how Hugh may draw inspiration from Sexton's precision, Percy's focus on landscape details, Digalakis's contemplative mood, or Koenjtoro's mastery of seascapes, all of which can enrich his own photographic style and storytelling.

Following Hughs slideshow of influences he proceeded to show us a selection of images from The Epson International Pano Awards 2023 which is exceptional panoramic photography talent from around the world. Awarding outstanding skill from around the world, the competition celebrated winners across categories like nature, architecture, and open themes. These photographers showcased breathtaking landscapes and creatively composed panoramas, demonstrating the power of this unique photographic format to captivate and inspire.

The second half of the evening was hosted by Gerry. He showed how photographers like Dan Burkholder, Jean Hutter, Lorenka Campos, Erik Malm, Linda Hillier, Mickelson S Church, Sarah Jarrett, Giulio Baitia, Clint Cline, Roger Guetta, Cindy Patrick, Rad Drew, Gianaluca Ricoveri, Valda Bailey, Howard Rankin, Robert Friel, and Linda Bembridge which were some of the influences close to Gerry.

Their diverse approaches, from digital manipulation to mixed media, abstract to poetic narratives, landscape to precision, inspire a range of artists, including Gerry. The amalgamation of these influences inspires Gerry's photography, helping him evolve and experiment with new techniques and concepts.

In this interconnected world of photography, artists are not isolated but rather part of a rich tapestry of creativity. The collective influence of these photographers shapes the "artistic landscape", inspiring and propelling each other. As the work of Sexton, Perry, Digalakis, Koenjtoro, and others reverberates through the lenses of both seasoned photographers like Hugh & Gerry, and possibly even some of the members who were present to see the images, ensuring that photography remains a vibrant and evolving art form.

On behalf of the club I want to extend our gratitude for sharing your photographic influences with the rest of us. Your insights and inspirations have enriched our understanding of the art of photography and fueled our creativity. Thank you for your time and for being such influential figures in our photographic journey.

Leanne Simpson

Information officer


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