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Photographic Panels

On Friday 13th Oct our very own John Miskelly spoke to us about "panels". He explained that in photography, panels are carefully selected images designed to convey a connected narrative or theme. When evaluating such panels, judges focus on several key elements. First, technical capability is essential, encompassing factors like exposure, focus, and composition. Images should demonstrate a high level of technical skill. Second, judges consider the conceptual aspect. The panel should tell a compelling story or present a clear, well-defined theme. Artistic coherence is crucial, with consistency in style, color, and tone. Lastly, arrangement plays a vital role. Panels should flow logically, with a balanced visual rhythm. Overall, successful panels are harmonious in both content and presentation, leaving a lasting impression.

In the second half of the evening Edward McCavana expressed gratitude to those who offered support during the development of an architecture panel for The Irish Photographic Federation, including Hugh Rooney, Gerry Coe, and John Miskelly. His talk detailed the panel's journey, which led to an associated distinction from the federation.

Edward began with a quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, drawing parallels between music and architecture. He emphasized common elements like rhythm, harmony, and shape in both art forms. Challenges in the panel's creation included technical and printing issues, leading to the need for reprints and larger prints. Feedback was acknowledged, both positive and critical.

Edward reminisced about his early interest in photography, stemming from receiving a box brownie camera from his grandmother. He highlighted the panel's symbolic significance, representing a creative journey of self-discovery.

Various phases of working on the panel were outlined, from seeking advice from The RPS (Royal Photographic Society) to addressing a color cast issue. Edward detailed the anticipation and tension during the assessment in Portlaoise, where the his panel faced a panel of assessors.

The assessment ultimately yielded success, with the panel receiving recognition and praise from the judging panel. Edward concluded by referencing Rudyard Kipling's poem, emphasizing the ability to face triumph and disaster with equanimity.

On behalf of BNDCC we wish to thank John for his presentation on how panels are constructed and the various elements involved and Edward on his panel talk. Again, a huge Congratulations to Edward on his successful panel on September 30th and obtaining an Associated Distinction of the Federation

Leanne Simpson

Information officer




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