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Panels Competition 2024

The Bangor and North Down Photography Panels Competition took place on Friday 2nd February and featured a wide array of talented photographers showcasing their work in three different categories: Color print, Mono print, and PDI (Projected Digital Image).

The esteemed judge for the competition was none other than Hugh Rooney, a renowned figure in the photography community known for his insightful eye and helpful input.

During the competition, Hugh provided constructive criticism and guidance to the participants,  emphasizing the importance of putting a panel together to make it pleasing to the eye. He said how the careful use of position and color can greatly enhance the impact of a photographic panel.

In the color print category, members submitted vibrant and diverse photographic panels, each telling a unique visual story. Hugh  commended the use of color to evoke emotion and draw the viewer's attention. He provided guidance on how to effectively balance and harmonize colors within a panel to create a visually striking composition. The results for this section of the competition were as follows ...

1st .. South Beach Blues by Judith Kimber

2nd .. Dahlias by John Sullivan

3rd .. The flying Circus by Harry Graham

Highly Commended.. Venice Explored by Edward McCavana

In the mono print category, there was a range of monochromatic panels that demonstrated the power of black and white imagery. Hugh offered insightful feedback on the use of light and shadow to create depth and drama within the panels. He emphasized the importance of thoughtful composition and careful consideration of tonal range to create impactful monochromatic images. These are the results of this section..

1st ..  Beacon Of Hope Abstract by Mandy Milliken

2nd ..  Contemporary Architecture  by Edward McCavana

3rd .. At 12000 Feet by Harry Graham

The PDI category showcased the versatility of digital photography, with contestants presenting images in a projected digital format. Hugh highlighted the importance of attention to detail in digital composition, offering guidance on how to effectively enhance the visual impact of the panels. The results for this section were .. 

1st .. Captivating Gates by Leanne Simpson

2nd ..  Gourd Still Life by John Sullivan

3rd ..  The Fourth Plinth by Mandy Milliken

Overall, the Bangor and North Down Photography Panels Competition provided a platform for photographers to showcase their creativity and talent across three distinct categories. Hugh's  expertise and constructive criticism served as a valuable learning experience for all participants, inspiring them to refine their skills and elevate their photographic artistry. 

Many thanks to Hugh for judging our entries and to those who entered the competition. Congratulations to Judith Kimber being the overall panel winner with South Beach Blues.

Next week we look forward to having Vittorio Silvestri back in the clubhouse with his presentation named "A Trip to Vietnam"

Leanne Simpson

Information officer


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