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Panels Competition

On Friday 14th of January Bangor camera club held their annual Panels competition. The panels competition is a series of 6 images and a layout plan of how they should be viewed. The images should have something in common, such as colour or subject and the six images should sit together in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Members were delighted to see that there were 24 entries, overall, a difficult task to judge. We had entries which included buildings, people and birds for example.

Our very own Gerry Coe and Judith Kimber were our judges. Gerry judged the advanced and novice colour print and Mono rounds and Judith judged the advanced and novice PDI rounds and both judges did so with constructive and fair comment.

Advanced Colour

First place .. Kilkeel Steel by Judith Kimber. Gerry commented that they were a lovely set of images and nicely put together into a panel. The only advice he gave was that he would have liked to have seen a little more yellow in the top left image.

Second place ... Shopping Cuba style by Alastair Bell.

Third place ... Ballydugan Vikings by John Sullivan.

Highly Commended … Seascapes by Leanne Simpson.

Commended .. Little Egret by Harry Graham

Novice Colour

First place ... Tulip Study by Beverley Stevenson. Gerry loved the shape, colour and texture of the flower in this panel but advised to be careful of repetition regarding too many images of the inside of the flower.

Advanced Mono

First place ... Pan-1 by Ray Magill. Gerry said this panel had a series of strong images of bridges with a nice sky behind them. He also said the panel pulled together well and the only advice he offered was to maybe flip the image on the top right just to balance the panel a little bit more.

Second place ... Sea Garden by Judith Kimber

Third place ... Going underground by Mandy Milliken

Highly Commended .. Architecture and Form by Edward McCavana

Novice Mono

First place ... Viking Panel by Beverley Stevenson. Gerry said the backgrounds were very good and in keeping with the people in the photos and were impressive. It was also a successful panel in black and white.

Advanced PDI

First place ... Sea Life by Leanne Simpson. Judith described this panel as a strong panel with the “V” shape of the turquoise colours and the sandy colours. She also said the panel as a whole was harmonious. Judith advised maybe to swap photos 4 and 6 and flip them so that the two fish in photos 1 and 4 weren’t beside each other to give a more balanced appearance.

Second place … Pollinators by Harry Graham

Third place … Beautiful Blooms by Alan Field

Highly commended … Tesco Metro by Mandy Milliken

Commended … Street Life Cuba by Alastair Bell

Novice PDI

First Place ... Post boxes by Velia Martin. Judith said this was a lovely idea for a panel. Judith said the postboxes were all different with different monarchs' initials on them. It was a striking collection with the pillar boxes in the middle and the only advice she would give is to maybe even out the saturation of the post boxes to make them more uniform in appearance.

Overall Panel winner ...

Sea Life by Leanne Simpson

On behalf of the Club, we would like to thank both Gerry and Judith for their time and their invaluable advice and guidance to improve our panels with their skillful judging. With such a variety of subject matter, it an unenviable task.

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