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New Digital Adventure - Colin Harrison FIPF FRPS MFIAP

This week’s meeting of Bangor & North Down Camera Club was a talk by English photographer Colin Harrison. Colin has a remarkable collection of photographic accreditations being a Fellow of both the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) and the Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF). He is also a Master of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (MPAGB) and the International Federation of Photographic Art (MFIAP). Colin began his talk by showing some of the panels of images with which he had attained these important photographic distinctions.

Colin then showed the club a number of his photomontages. These images are created by combining multiple original photographs together, for example taking a portrait and placing it on a different background and also adding different textures. The resulting images are creative, thought provoking and sometimes almost surreal, which do require the photographer to have a very artistic imagination. Colin showed a series of images created in this way and also discussed some of the tools, techniques and settings which he uses when processing this type of photography.

Carhenge - © Colin Harrison

Colin also showed the club a wide range of more traditional photography. He showed examples of many different genres, including photojournalism, portraiture, travel photography, landscapes and flower photography.

His photojournalism images included some very poignant photographs taken at Remembrance Day events. His travel photography showed images from around the world including a panel of his personal favourite photographs of a car cemetery in Arizona containing the remains of old classic American cars. These images became another panel with which Colin obtained a Silver accreditation with the Photographic Society of America. His flower photography also included another different type of photomontage with images of flowers repeated to create geometric patterns.

Colin finished by discussing some of his most successful images including some portraits taken on wide angle lenses giving an unusual almost cartoon like feel to the photographs. One of his most well-known photomontages is an image of petrol pumps, which seem to have come alive in front of a surreal cityscape background.

The club members wish to thank Colin for sharing his wonderful images, and for sharing the real passion that he obviously has for the art of photography.

If you would like to see more of Colin’s work you can visit his website at .

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