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Looking for Light –Igniting your Creativity, A Journey in Conceptual Photography - Julie Corcoran

This week’s meeting of Bangor & North Down Camera Club was a talk by Julie Corcoran AIPF. Julie is a Fine Art Conceptual Photographer based in Cavan. Julie has worked on numerous projects including a Cross Border Peace photographic exhibition, ‘Peaceful Photography’ and regularly gives talks on her work both nationally and internationally.

Julie began by showing some of her early work when she first joined her local camera club. She went on to show the panels of images with which she achieved first her Licentiateship and later her Associateship of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF).

The Licentiateship panel of ten images consisted of a variety of subject matter, including landscapes, portraits and a few of the conceptual composite images that would later become her signature style.

The AIPF panel was entitled ‘Dreamscapes’ and featured photographs of Julie’s daughters in dream like fine art images. Julie described her working approach to creating these images, she prefers to plan the images in advance and set them up beforehand. The actual taking of the photographs is normally completed quite quickly, however given the conceptual and artistic nature of the final images, there is considerable work to be done afterwards in Photoshop to create the desired effects.

Julie went on to show a series of images she had done with models in period costumes and in period settings. She was able to arrange for the use of vintage cars, and settings such as the restored train station at Belturbet. The result are some enchanting portraits of individuals and groups, which all have a real beauty and timeless quality about them.

Julie finished by describing a project which she has been engaged in during lockdown. This was a collaboration with Irish poet Fidel Hogan Walsh. Julie and Fidel have created a book entitled ‘Time’ which includes Fidel’s poems and Julie’s conceptual art images. The book is a wonderful combination of these two art forms, and has created a unique and very personal record of their experiences and responses to lockdown over the past year. The book is available from some bookstores or online at .

The club members wish to thank Julie for sharing her photographic journey, and her beautiful images, and for providing a very enjoyable and inspirational evening.

If you would like to see more of Julie’s work you can visit her website at .

Next week we have club members Peter Hughes and Judith Kimber talking about RPS panels they have produced during lockdown.

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