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Les Forrester - My Photography, My Vision

Last Friday Les Forrester BA Hons (photography) ARPS DPAGB EFIPA BPE3. joined members of the Bangor club in which he was to showcase and talk about his outstanding and significant body of work.

Les specialises in architecture, black and white and in fine art long exposure photography. Long exposure is where the camera shutter is open for more than a second and runs for several minutes and longer. The camera will need to be attached to a sturdy tripod to eliminate movement and shake.

The title of his presentation was My Photography, My Vision.

With a love of travel along with his wife Lorraine, Les has photographed and documented iconic modern architecture structures in Germany, Lisbon, Liege, Hong Kong and closer to home where he lives in The Yorkshire Dales. Les enjoys walks and it is here he does much of his long exposure seascape work and a series of tree images taken in the snow storm known as The Beast from the East that arrived in February 2018.

In addition to his photographic work Les gives talks to camera clubs and societies throughout the UK .

Les also talked about his methods of post production in Lightroom and Photoshop where he likes to keep matters as simple as possible to produce a final image.

Several of the club members would have known Les and admired his work but for all present, Les gave an instructive and engaging talk, and all would have delighted in the work of an iconic photographer of our time who spoke with passion, insight , and humour.

What we see is what you are is a mantra by which this photographer exists. If you would like to see more of Les's work you can visit his web site at

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