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Homelessness Exhibition : Voices for Change - Martin Spackman, Cormac McArt & Westcourt Camera Club

Bangor and North Down Camera Club recently hosted Martin Spackman and Cormac McArt, who shared their impactful images from their latest homelessness project. The project, titled "Voices for Change"

In 2008, Westcourt Camera Club embarked on a mission to address the pressing issue of homelessness in their community. Their projects not only brought attention to the plight of the homeless but also aimed to create tangible change and provide a platform for the “Insignificant” voices in society. Fast forward to today, and the latest project by Westcourt Camera Club called "Voices for Change" continues their legacy of advocacy and compassion and aims to shed light on the often overlooked struggles of the homeless population and challenge societal stereotypes.

The exhibition features powerful photographs taken by homeless individuals themselves, with the support and guidance of Martin and Cormac. These visually captivating and emotionally charged images reflect the raw realities of life on the streets and narrate stories of resilience, struggle, and hope.

Through this exhibition, Martin and Cormac have successfully initiated a dialogue about homelessness. They have amplified the voices of those who are often silenced and raised awareness about the issue. By challenging preconceived notions about homelessness, the exhibition aims to create a more compassionate society that sees homeless individuals as individuals with dignity and potential.

It has also become a catalyst for local communities to “take action”. Viewers are inspired to confront their biases and prejudices and support initiatives aimed at addressing homelessness and providing comprehensive support to those in need.

The exhibition represents an ongoing movement for social change. It goes beyond thought-provoking photography and serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the need for meaningful transformation. By exposing the raw realities of homelessness, this collection of images ignites empathy, compassion, and a call to action within its audience.

Ray Magill, Martin Spackman, Cormac McArt & Gerry Coe

"Voices for Change" also focuses on education and outreach by partnering with schools and universities to raise awareness among the younger generation. By engaging students in conversations about homelessness and encouraging them to become volunteer advocates, the project aims to cultivate a more compassionate society that actively works towards ending homelessness.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Martin, Cormac, and the Westcourt Camera Club has given homeless individuals a powerful platform to express their stories and challenge societal perceptions. The exhibition not only highlights the struggles of the homeless population but also emphasizes the potential for positive social change. Through the exhibition, the voices that have long been ignored are finally being heard, and the need for action to address homelessness is more visible than ever.

On behalf of BNDCC we wish to thank Martin and Cormac for their powerful presentation and if you want to have a look at the whole collection of images in this project or look at the other projects that have been put together you can find them at .

Next week we welcome Mark Reeves whose presentation is entitled “Modern Architecture”

Leanne Simpson

Information Officer for BNDCC

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