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Club & NIPA Competitions - Round 5

Last Friday members of BNDCC gathered some in the club premises and some tuning in on Zoom .

This event was the final inter club event of the 2021-2022 season. It seems no time since the start of the process back in September .Engagement in the competition system seems to make the Winter months pass quickly to the warmer days of Spring .

Harry Watson the club's competition secretary welcomed the evenings judge Vittorio Silvestri a member of the CPA club. Harry referred to the extensive travels undertaken by the Vittorio in his photographic pursuits and excellence.

Vittorio commenced by thanking Harry and the club for the invitation to judge, and said he always enjoyed his visits to the Bangor club.

Commencing with Novice mono print Vittorio said that as Covid restrictions eased he hoped that a return to viewing actual prints would soon be possible.

Vittorio commented at length on every image submitted in all categories, Novice and Advanced mono print, Novice and Advanced colour print and Digital Projection.

Composition, placing the focus of attention on the intersection of a third, correcting verticals ,removal of distracting elements ,exposure sharpness and ensuring backgrounds were well treated to compliment an image were among the matters that Vittorio considered and brought to photographers attention . Vittorio spoke directly to entrants offering advice and encouragement and complimented those whose work he liked. Washed out colours a need to crop an image and lead in lines drawing attention to a point of interest were other matters exercised by Vittorio .

Vittorio advised that just to click on auto in Photoshop can often make a substantial difference in lifting the impact of a photograph and provide a more vibrant result. Allowing a photograph to have some space in the frame was an important consideration .

As this was an open round subject matter was varied ranging from portrait, domestic and wild creatures including superb bird images, flowers, still life , street life seascape, landscape and architecture.

Vittorio made special reference to several superb images by Alan Field for a portrait of a lady, a curved office building by Ray Magill, and a dog portrait by Alastair Bell.

To wind up the evening Vittorio announced the winning and placed images as follows .

Advanced Colour Print

Alan Field The Race Is On First

Ray Magill Berlin Street Second

Nigel Snell Snowy Owl Third

Edward McCavana Lighthouse Highly Commended

Nigel Snell Red Squirrel Highly Commended

Alan McMorris Looking Up Commended

Harry Graham Sands Of Donegal Commended Print

Novice Colour Print

Beverley Stevenson City Singer Robin First

Advanced Mono Print

Alan Field The Lady First

Nigel Snell Dunlin Second

Ray Magill Rotterdam Bridge Third

Mandy Milliken Staircase Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson Stairway Commended

Ray Magill Curved Office Building

and Five Canal Houses Commended

Novice Mono Print

Beverley Stevenson Snowdrop First

Advanced Digital Projection

Alastair Bell Curious First

Alastair Bell Pottsdammerplatz Pavement Second

Alan McMorris Street Reflections Third

Edward McCavana Santorini Glass Highly Commended

Leanne Simpson When Robin Appears Commended

Novice Digital Projection

Beverley Stevenson Poppy First

Thus it is that the Inter Club NIPA Competition season has ended.

Many thanks to all who who submitted their work and congratulations to all the winning and placed entries. Thanks to Vittorio and indeed all the judges during this season. Thanks also to the club Competition Secretary, Harry Watson and all those behind the scenes people for their efforts on behalf of the club.

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