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Club & NIPA Competition Round 4 (2023-24)

On Friday last 26th of January club members gathered for the judging of the round four NIPA [Northern Ireland Photographs Association ] competition .The subject of this round was entertainment and indeed that is what was to transpire from the work displayed but also from the evenings judge Nigel Snell who gave amusing .entertaining and insightful comment on the members work .

Members had submitted varied and diverse subject matter of music .gigs, performance and .street events captures in locations both at home and elsewhere .

Commencing with advanced Mono print Nigel commented on every entry giving advice where improvements might be made . Exposure . Focus, photographic intent .print quality sharpness. And the inclusion of elements that were superfluous to the principal point of interest of an image were all matters of concern for the judge .

As always Nigel revealed the winners and placed entries as follows: .


Ian Thorn - Ethan Lewis Smith - First

Ian Thorn - Open Mic Night - Second

Harry Graham Street Singers - Third

Mandy Milliken - A Night At The Museum - Highly Commended

Edward McCavana - Three In Tune - Commended

Moving to consider the colour prints and the digital projected images Nigel continued to consider these in the same manner as that for the colour print category before announcing the successful winning and placed entries.


Ian Thorn - Harriet - First

Ian Thorn - At The Gaslight Club - Second

Harry Graham - The Absurdist Pipe Band - Third

Ian Thorn - The Rockabellas - Highly Commended

Mandy Milliken - Two Hats - Commended


Hazel Newell - The Guitar Man - First

Hazel Newell - Street Singer - Second


Ian Thorn - The Parade - First

Beverly Stevenson - Changing Hats - Second

Alastair Bell - Eternal Taal - Third

Alastair Bell - Fiddler - Highly Commended

Ian Thorn - Natasha - Commended

NEXT WEEK - Panels Competition Judging

Congratulations to the winning and placed entrants and thanks to all who submitted their work for consideration and thanks to Nigel Snell who stepped in to preform the judging duty at the last minute .

Edward McCavana BNDCC Information Officer

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