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Club & NIPA Competition Round 3 (2023-24)

It seems like no time since the start of the 2023/2024 programme of events but here we are at the approach to Christmas and the New Year fast approaching over the horizon.

So it was that on Friday the 8th of December members gathered to welcome Vittorio Silvestri the appointed judge for the NIPA [Northern Ireland Photographic Association ] round three competition . This was an open round meaning that entries were accepted in any subject of the photographers choice . During the process of the evening images in colour ,mono print and for digital projection were displayed to reveal the strength of creative talent by both novice and advanced photographers.

Vittorio who is no stranger to the club thanked the members for the invitation to judge and commenced by considering the colour print entries . Here we saw landscape ,still life ,motor sport .animal, and architecture photography.

Vittorio encouraged the novice group to keep up their good work thereby insuring the development of up and coming talent.

Vittorio made mention the following matters to be aware off ,position of the subject in the frame ,cropping , tones textures and sharpness of the printed image and to be aware of distractions and strong colour in the background before announcing the winning and placed images.


Leanne Simpson Rain Drop On Blade Of Grass First

Harry Graham Looking Down Second

Ian Thorn Cold Light Of Day Third

Jack Thompson Butterfly Highly Commended

Ian Thorn Full Throttle Formula Ford Highly Commended

Ian Thorn Ring Of Fire Commended


Nigel Snell Hooded Crow First

Leanne Simpson Red Squirrel Second

Ian Thorn Hitting The Apex Third

Mandy Milliken Autumn Highly Commended

Mandy Milliken Looking Up Highly Commended

Turning then to mono print advanced Vittorio commented on tonal range from black to white and advised to be aware of colour casts in black and white photography and once again announced his choice of winning and placed images


Nigel Snell Jessica First

Harry Graham Into The Castle Second

Ray Magill Strangford Yacht Third

Edward McCavana New York Towers Highly Commended

Ian Thorn Silent Valley Reservoir Commended

To complete his judging Vittorio considered the digitally projected images and once again commented on sharpness .managing highlights and spoke of the technical difficulty of achieving good images .

Novice PDI

Keith Hassall Falls Of Solitude First

Hazel Newell Winter Light Second

Hazel Newell Eileen Donan In The Rain Third

Hazel Newell Commended


Hazel Newell Red Kite First

Bobby Peacock Splash and Dash Second

Hazel Newell The Fairy Pools In The Rain Third

Hazel Newell Eilean Donan Castle Highly Commended

The evening proceeded with a tribute to Alan Field who sadly lost his battle with cancer at the end of November. Club members wish to express their condolences to Alan's family at this time .

Many thanks to Vittorio Silvestri for his consideration and insightful comments also congratulations to all the winners and placed entrants and thanks to everyone who submitted their work .

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