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Club & NIPA Competition Round 3

Before welcoming this evenings judge, John Belshaw from Shorts Camera Club, Ray Magill club president opened proceedings and referring to the prints on show advised that a digital file sitting in a computers hard disc or on a mobile phone is not a photograph until it is printed for viewing and display.

First all present acknowledged the recent successes of two members, Hugh Rooney in gaining a FRPS (Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society) and Nigel Snell for two recent awards, a commended in The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photography Bird Photography of The Year, and last week for first place in the print section of the NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) Roy Finlay Nature Competition. The Roy Finlay is a nature competition hosted by Ards Camera Club which this year was held in the city of Bangor.

Congratulations to Hugh and Nigel on their respective success.

This round was open meaning entrants made their own choice of subject matter.

John Belshaw having introduced himself said that he had not previously seen the images on show, and advised those present that what he would say was only his opinion something he was to mention later in an almost apologetic manner. Never the less sometimes it seems an instant assessment can reveal the essence of an image, where as over analysis may obscure the photographers intent. In NIPA competitions judges have only a matter of seconds to make their decisions as images are displayed in quick succession.

Commencing with advanced colour print John considered every image affirming what the photographer intention was and how in some instances improvements could be made. Matters like cropping or a shift of view point were highlighted in John's advice but in general technical considerations were limited as he gave encouragement to entrants that all the images displayed were great .Upon a final reflection of the prints as a group John made his selection of winning and placed photographs as follows.


Nigel Snell Hunting Barn Owl First

Conor Davidson Climate Activist Second

Nigel Snell Gannet Third

Edward McCavana Stepping Out Of The Shadows Highly Commended

Harry Graham Beach Party Commended

Moving on to advanced mono print john confided that this was a somewhat more difficult task but affirmed his considerations would be made on a principal that a good mono image consisted of a little black- black ,a little white-white and all the shades of grey in between.

As with the colour print section John made his selection as follows


Ray Magill Reichstag Office Building First

Nigel Snell Common Tern Second

Harry Graham On the Quay Third

Ray Magill Belfast Tall Building Highly Commended

Harry Graham Wild Atlantic Way Commended

Following a short intermission for refreshments John considered the DPI Digital Projected Images of which there was more than in either the colour or mono print. Every image in advanced and novice categories was considered.

In this section John deciding to go off piste to some extent, in that some images chosen would not necessarily be considered by NIPA but that his choice of winning images was made on the basis of artistic content and flair.


Hanna Brown Glenfinnan Viaduct First

Hanna Brown Loch Leven Second

Elliot North Wooden Boathouse Third

Hazel Newell Island Hill Evening Highly Commended

Hazel Newell In The Pink At Mussenden Commended

Advanced PDI

Alastair Bell Music To My Ears First

Mandy Milliken Blackpool Pier Second

Beverley Stevenson Fiery Tulip Third

Leanne Simpson Snack Attack Highly Commended

Nigel Snell Galloping Steed Commended

Many thanks to John Belshaw for his entertaining and incisive considerations .

Congratulations to the winners and placed photographers and to all who entered their work.

Next week is quiz night and thereafter the Christmas and New Year recess followed by the club Christmas dinner on January 6 .


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