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Club and NIPA competitions - Round 5

Last Friday Club and NIPA [Northern Ireland Photographic Association] saw the judging for this the final round in the present season.

This was an open round meaning any and all subject matter was allowed and the Clubs photographers responded accordingly with their diverse entries. Landscape, wildlife ,birds, architecture, abstract, macro, portrait and still life were all on display.

On this occasion members welcomed Mathew Canning as the evening's judge. Mathew is a relativity recent graduate of the NIPA school system and the first time to judge for the Club and was welcomed by both the Competition Secretary and Chairman. The judge made comment on every entry in Colour Print, Mono Print and in Digital Projection Image giving time to offer advice comment and to indicate where he thought improvement could be made .

Matters such as cropping to remove distracting elements or faults in post projection were pointed out. Mathew was at pains to say that what he liked to see was an image that drew the viewers attention to the essential point of the photograph. Simplicity.and balance was much admired by the judge.

All present thanked Mathew for his consideration and hoped that he will return again at some future date. The Competition Secretary Harry Watson was thanked by all for his considerable efforts in managing the Zoom meetings during the present season of activity, which has enabled the Club to function at this difficult time that effects us all.

Colour Print Advanced

First: Ray Magill Cube - House Detail

Second: Alan Field - Elderly Gentleman

Third: John Sullivan - Mind the Gap

Mono Print Advanced

First: Alan Field - Ginger

Second: Ray Magill - Rotterdam Giant

Third: Ray Magill - Taking the Call

Digital Projected Image Advanced

First: Nigel Snell Golden - Eagle Glide

Second: Alan field - Devil in Disguise

Third: Alan Field - Stallion

Projected Digital Image Novice

First: Leanne Simpson - Rushing To Get Out of The Water

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