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Club and NIPA competitions - Round 1

The new season programme drives on apace as members logged onto Zoom last

Friday for The NIPA (Northern Ireland Photographic Association) round one

competition entries, in the three usual catorgories, colour print, monochrome print and projected digital image (PDI).

The judge was Anita Kirkpatrick a professional photographer from Enniskillen.

Anita gave her consideration of each image from her home while the club's

competition administrator was stationed in the club room, which was to be the

command centre from where the images were to be displayed and relayed to the

members and judge.

There were a few technical glitches which were soon resolved by the unflappable competition administrator Harry Watson .

Anita began by thanking the club for the invitation to judge and having previously had sight of the entries remarked on the high standard of image making on display.

Being an open round all subject matters were present , landscape and seascape, architecture, city and townscape, portrait, wildlife and birds in flight , domestic

animals and in mono work infrared imaging.

Anita gave consideration to every image in all three categories commenting on the aspects that pleased and made constructive suggestions of where improvements might be made, such as cropping to exclude unnecessary clutter, or to draw the eye the focal point of the photograph. An increase of contrast and tonal value was sometimes recommended, as was the placement of the horizon line. A sense of movement and slow shutter work to make water look milky was much admired. The rule of thirds was something that Anita was keen to recommend.

Anita then gave her awards to the winners and placings as follows:


First: Nigel Snell

Second: Brian Larkin

Joint third: David best and John Sullivan


First: Alastair Bell

Second: Ray Magill

Joint third: Nigel Snell and Judith Kimber


First: Alan Field

Second: Conor Davidson

Joint third: Alastair Bell and John Sullivan

The members on BNDCC thank Anita for her comments and her time and wish her all future success, and congratulations to all the winners in this first round of this year's competitions.

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