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Bangor and North Down Camera Club - end of year Activities

The Bangor and North Down Camera Club recently held its Annual Exhibition competition, hosted the NIPA Novice Competition and had its Club Annual Dinner, showcasing the talents and accomplishments of its members.  

During the annual dinner on Friday, April 19th, members gathered for a night of celebration and prize-giving. The event concludes the formal competition season that ran from September to May.  The winning entries across different categories demonstrated a high level of skill and creativity from both advanced and novice photographers. Awards and trophies were presented for outstanding works in areas such as portrait, landscape, and general photography. 

Notably, the exhibition submissions were judged by Martin Spackman who then came back to give his feedback on May 3rd. He provided insightful comments and selected winners in various categories, including the Chairman's Challenge, General Color, General Mono, Landscape Color, Landscape Mono, and more. The results of this competition are as follows: 


Advanced .. 

1st .. Ian Thorn: Abandoned 

2nd .. Hugh Rooney: Poggio Covili 

3rd .. Hugh Rooney: Fallen Aviators 

Highly Commended .. Ray Magill: Murlough Bay Beach 

Highly Commended .. Ian Thorn: The Boathouse 

Commended .. Mandy Milliken: Covent Garden at Night 


Advanced : 

1st .. Ian Thorn: Driftwood 

2nd .. Gerry Coe: The Long Hole 

3rd .. Peter Hughes: Forest Evening, Castle Espie 

Highly Commended .. Ian Thorn: Scrabo dawn 

Commended .. Gerry Coe: Beach 

Commended .. Ian Thorn: Beach Huts 

Novice : 

1st .. Hazel Newell: The Fairy Pools in the Rain 

2nd .. Hazel Newell: Eilean Donan Castle 



Advanced :  

1st .. Alastair Bell: Alone on the Beach 

2nd .. Ian Thorn: Portstewart Strand 

3rd .. Alastair Bell: Hermitage 

Highly Commended .. Gerry Coe: Splash 

Highly Commended .. Leanne Simpson: Over the Rocks 

Commended .. Mandy Milliken: Sunset on the Beach 

Commended .. Leanne Simpson: Time stands still 

Commended .. Ian Thorn: Morning Mist 


Novice ..  

1st .. Hazel Newell: St Kevin's, Glendalough. 

2nd .. Hazel Newell: Ballycopeland Windmill 


Advanced : 

1st .. Gerry Coe: Fuchsia 

2nd .. Edward McCavana: Still Life Vase and Bloom 

3rd .. Ray Magill: Out of the Mist 

Highly Commended .. Nigel Snell: Grey Heron 

Highly Commended .. Ian Thorn: After the rain 

Commended .. Ray Magill: Cormorant on Lawson's Jetty 

Commended .. Ray Magill: Photo trip to Pompeii 

Novice .. 

1st .. Hazel Newell: Saoirse, the Red Kite 

2nd .. Hazel Newell: Guildhall, Londonderry 



Advanced :  

1st .. Hugh Rooney: Wolf Brothers 

2nd .. Ray Magill: Guggenheim Sculpture 

3rd .. Ray Magill: Lily with Insect 

Highly Commended .. Mandy Milliken: Beacon of Hope Abstract 

Highly Commended .. Ian Thorn: A long, hard stare 

Commended .. Ray Magill: Dutch Design 

Commended .. Mandy Milliken: Give me oil in my lamp 



Advanced :  

1st .. Leanne Simpson: Aquatic Water Beetle 

2nd .. Alastair Bell: Abbot In The Spotlight 

3rd .. Leanne Simpson: Lookout 

Highly Commended .. Alastair Bell: Eternal Taal 

Highly Commended .. Gerry Coe: Trees 

Commended .. Alastair Bell: A Pint And A Good Book 

Commended .. Mandy Milliken: Big Yellow Taxi 

Commended .. Leanne Simpson: Raindrop On Blade Of Grass 

Commended .. Ian Thorn: Dan Linfoot - Night Rider 

Novice ..  

1st .. Hazel Newell: Hydrangea 

2nd .. Hazel Newell: Belfast Icons 

3rd .. Hazel Newell: Fading Beauty 



Advanced .. 

1st .. Gerry Coe: Painted Beauty 

2nd .. Leanne Simpson: Reflecting on time 

3rd .. Leanne Simpson: Surrounded by natures beauty 

Highly Commended .. Gerry Coe: Ghostly 

Commended .. Ian Thorn: Harriet 

Novice ..  

1st .. Hazel Newell: The Reader 



Advanced ..  

1st ..  Beverley Stevenson: Cowboy Philip 

2nd .. Ian Thorn: Ethan Lewis Smith 

3rd .. Leanne Simpson: Glimpse of innocence 

Highly Commended .. Gerry Coe: Fairy Tale 

Commended .. Leanne Simpson: The man in the hat 

Novice ..  

1st .. Hazel Newell: Bobby 




1st .. Gerry Coe: Artists Model 

2nd .. Leanne Simpson: Captivated by the light 

3rd .. Leanne Simpson: Remembering 



Advanced : 

1st .. Ian Thorn: Anniversary Selfie - Southwold Pier 

2nd .. Peter Hughes: Selfie Under Water Cascade 

3rd .. Leanne Simpson: Snorkle Selfie 



All prints submitted into the competition this year, will be displayed in Bangor Library in August. The club extends its gratitude to Martin Spackman for taking the time to both judge and give feedback on the images and all members for their contributions and dedication to making the competition run successfully. 

As the formal 2023–2024 season comes to a close, the club looks forward to continuing the informal meetings on Wednesdays until the start of the next season in September. New members interested in photography are encouraged to come along, join and participate in meetings aimed at developing their skills.   

For those interested in joining the club or learning more about upcoming events, they can contact the club secretary, Hazel Newell, at or attend Wednesday meetings to connect with current members and explore opportunities for photographic growth. 

As mentioned at the start, on April 26th, Bangor and North Down camera club hosted The NIPA Northern Ireland Photographic Association Novice Competition in the Fountain Center, further highlighting the artistic and photographic skills within Northern Ireland.  

Our very own club member Ian Thorn did extremely well at this event resulting in a Highly Commended image with “Shoeburyness, The Essex Gold Coast” in the Colour Print round. Two Commended images with “Window to the soul” and “Derelict” in Mono Print round and a 3rd place image with “Portstewart Strand” in the PDI round.  

Congratulations to the winners and participants of the 2023–2024 season, and here's to another year of creativity and passion for photography at Bangor and North Down Camera Club. 

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