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Audrey Argue animals competition 2021

Last Friday Bangor and North Down Camera Club held the annual club only Audrey Argue competition. This event is held in honour and to remember Audrey who was a founding member of the club and the vice principal of Glenlola Collegiate Girls School.

She had an interest and concern for animals hence the title given to this competition.

So what defines the word animal comes from the Latin animalis, meaning having breath, having soul or living being. The biological definition includes all members of the Kingdom Animalia. In colloquial usage, the term animal is often used to refer only to nonhuman animals.

So tonight in this competition we saw a great variety of species from domestic dogs, birds and birds in flight,insects, spiders monkeys, urban fox, pine martin, zebra, and many other wild and captured beasts all photographed with considerable skill by members of the club.

This evening's judge was Kieran Murray. Kieran ARPS AIPF APAGB and more has been involved in photography for forty years and has been a judge for the last twenty years. He was introduced to photography by his father starting with film and darkroom processing. He has travelled much but for now due to Covid difficulties finds inspiration in Kerry and the Mourne Mountains .

Kieran commenced by thanking the club for inviting him to judge this competition, and commented that he was astounded by the amazing quality of all the entries on show.

Starting with Colour Advanced followed by novice print Kieran spoke with consideration giving gentle advice and constructive comment on each image. Matters such as composition, lighting exposure, and depth of field were considered as well as a different crop might make the subject more prominent and important in the frame.

Bizzy Bee by Leanne Simpson

Kieran was especially attracted by some of the colourful bird portraits praising the sharpness and detail in the images. An image of a bee hovering over a flower by Leanne Simpson was given high praise, with Kieran saying that getting sharp detail with such a fast moving creature is very difficult to do. As with people photography focusing on the eyes of a subject is equally essential in animal photography, and Kieran liked to see uncluttered backgrounds thus giving importance to the intended subject matter.

Spider in the bathroom by Alan Field

Moving on to Mono Advanced and Novice sections followed by the digital projection work Kieran continued in a similar manner to present his adjudication. An image of a spider by Alan Field was much admired as the creatures anatomy was revealed in superb detail and just like the bee image not easy to achieve.

In the novice section a dog portrait by Beverley Stevenson was singled out for much praise.

The reluctant model by Beverly Stevenson

An image of a spider and its prey by Jack

Spider's meal by Jack Thompson

Thompson received the highest accolade in the digital projection advanced section and Beverley Stevenson again being awarded first in the novice category.

There was no doubt that Kieran enjoyed the outstanding images presented as did all present .

Members thank Kieran for his consideration given with in a quiet and appreciative manner .


Jonathon and Angela Scott – Big Cat Tales [ Joint event with The RPS NI and Ards CC ]. This talk is scheduled to start at 19.00 [7 PM]



Leanne Simpson Bizzy Bee First

Nigel Snell Pine Martin Second

John Sullivan Robin Third

Nigel Snell Highly commended

Jack Thompson Young Robin Highly Commended

Alan Field Jump Commended

Harry Graham Urban Fox Commended


Beverley Stevenson I Can Fly First

I can fly by Beverly Stevenson


Alan Field Spider in the Bathroom First

Alastair Bell Curious Second

Harry Graham Cormorant Third

Alastair Bell Heron Patiently Waiting Highly Commended

John Sullivan Gull Commended

Leanne Simpson If you aren't talking to me I'm not talking to you Commended


Beverley Stevenson The Reluctant Model First


Jack Thompson Spider's Meal First

Alan Field Feeding Time Second

Alan Field Ladybird Third

Harry Watson Painted Wolf Highly Commended

Harry Graham Busy Bee Commended

Jack Thompson Heron Takes Butterfly and Moth Both Commended

Nigel Snell Out Of The Fog Commended


Beverley Stevenson Butterfly First

Butterfly by Beverly Stevenson

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