Meetings Blog for 2017 - 2018


This page is a log of the activities taking place on our Friday and Wednesday evening meetings in the main September to May season. We give credit to Edward McCavana, our Information Officer, for preparing these notes each week. Details of the proceedings and photographs are also submitted to the Bangor Spectator Newspaper for inclusion in their Club Section.



Street photography was the topic at Bangor at North Down Camera Club on Friday 15th September  when Cliff Mckay a member of the club gave a talk and presentation of his work on this subject.

Clff began by talking about the love of street photography and how his imagination was captured be some exponents of the craft ,Sally Davies in New York and Martin Waltz in Berlin.

Belfast Bangor and Dublin are where Cliff seeks to photograph people of the street. This often reveals life in the raw , the homeless ,the drug scene and everyone on the street in daily dialogue sometimes in argument and dissent. Cliff tells the stories of such people but always with respect and compassion . Their life and times may be ignored or not revealed if photographers don't document all that happens on the street and the daily struggle some endure.

Cliff will often get to know some of those he encounters and will see them time and time again and will sometimes hear of the passing of some character he has photographed and known over many years..

The life of a street photographer is not always easy, as some may object to being photographed and Cliff will always respect this ,what he does is not voyeurism but  is the depiction  of lives as lived ., an exploration of people and often their hardship. The matter of legality is sometimes a problem especially by private security personell who are often not aware of the law and as most photographers know taking photographs in public spaces is not against the law ,,even photographing a child.
This however  is a sensitive issue and needs to be considered by all photographers and reasonable decissions made. The police do not have an automatic right to stop and search unless they believe a crime has taken place ,or is about to take place.

Clff seeks to capture the emotion of those he encounters and says  luck often plays an important part in what he acheives but it is also in the anticipation  of  events and being ready to capture the action. One method used is to crook the camera over his arm at a hight he knows will give the image he wishes and to use the back focus button.
[This can be done in many cameras by assigning a button to the back of the camera instead of the button on top of the camera which when half pressed will focus and when  fully pressed takes the photograph.]
Black and white is for the most part the chosen medium and with this Cliff acheives detail and facial e_expression which makes   impact, speaking directly to the viewer and it is in his subjects eyes that tells of their existence,though at times as in the image of a  young man asleep on a pavement colour is important. The blue cape and the red in the dog's coat The other image is cliff himself during his talk last Friday. 

Sometimes Cliff will witness an arrest on the streets even encounter a murder scene. Street photography is not of course for everyone but cliff records the humanity of those he encounters but  with humility and understanding . The thoughts of Albert Einstein are often in his mind 

Cliff gave all those present an insight into this genre of photography and I am sure ,all the members will wish Cliff every good fortune in his future endevours in an important branch of photography. Many thanks for an delightful  evening.

Next week judging of NIPA round one takes place ,always entertaining ,don't miss this.

Edward McCavana LRPS

Information Officer BNDCC.

Many thanks to Bob Given for his fantastic talk on sports photography last night - a motivating blend of practical advice, entertaining anecdotes and inspiring examples of his own prize-winning images.

For many of us, this was an unfamiliar type of photography, and we left with a new appreciation of the skills involved - and plans to try it out for ourselves as soon as possible.

Last Friday Bangor and North Down Camera Club welcomed returning and new members at the commencement of the new season.
Chair lady Deborah Gardener thanked all who had kept the informal evenings going during the summer months and also the cleaning team for their work in preparation for the forthcoming programme of events.

The programme of dates for the events was outlined and promises to be a fascinating  and diverse mixture of  of topics which range from Sports Photography, Street Photography,Landscape Photography,Natural history Architecture, members influences , Members advice Panels , Car Photography, Quiz Night and Portraiture.

As always the NIPA Northern Ireland Photography Association competition rounds 1 to 5 with two themed rounds, Infrastructure and Food will occupy many minds during the year and in addition the in-house club only rounds of Natural History, Panels and Exhibition entries for 2018 will provide further challenges for members.

So if any of the above kindles your interest why not come along to our Ward Avenue premises on either a Wednesday or Friday evening at around 7-30 PM and see what is on offer.

Edward McCavana LRPS
Information officer.

Our pre-season artisanal clubhouse cleaning team (plus Noel behind the lens) takes a moment this morning.

Some of the many members who do vital and occasionally less than glamorous jobs (yes, I cleaned the bathroom) throughout the year to make sure that everything runs smoothly and well - you are all very much appreciated!

L-R:  Helen Fettus, Judith Kimber, Glen Service, Liz Service, Mandy Milligan, Brian McMullan, Lesley Crawshaw and Noel Maitland (behind camera).

Judith Kimber


On Thursday Last 04 August members,family and friends gathered at Bangor Carnegie Library for opening night of their annual exhibition.

It was a well attended  event and everyone was welcomed by the club's chair lady Deborah Gardener who thanked all who had submitted their work for the Exhibition 

Two special guests were also welcomed  Bob and anne Given from Catchlight Camera Club who earlier in the year were joint judges in the exhibition competiton.

Both spoke well of the Bangor club and how much they enjoy their visits to such a friendly club and made reference to the very high standard of photography on display.

The club's exhibition secretary Alan McMorris,his Deputy Harry Watson and their many helpers were thanked for their hard work in putting together the exhibition which it can be hoped has found a permanent residence in the delightful space of Bangor Libary.

The President, chair lady and members of BNDCC all extend their thanks to Pamela Macrory and Gemma Cassidy and their staff for their kindness and consideration in giving up their first floor space to the exhibition

Bangor and North Down Camera Club 2017 annual exhibition will be staged at Bangor Carnegie Library from 03 August until 31 August 2017

The exhibition highlights  the work of the club members and is a showcase for the many talented local photographers.

The exhibition is part of the Bangor Open House Festival of Arts,Music Film, Literature ,Food and Drink events held during the month of August.

The work displayed is in colour and mono print and also in digital projected images.

This is an opportunity to view the excellent photographic work in many different styles and content and I would urge anyone with an interest in photography to come along and enjoy this exhibition and if you are interested you might consider becoming a member of the club which meets at their premises in Ward Avenue Bangor on both Friday and Wednesday evenings at around 8 PM. You will be made very welcome and will have the opportunity of developing your photographic interests.

The Carnegie Library is open Monday to Wednesday 9AM to 5PM Thursday 9AM to 8PM Friday 9AM to 5PM Saturday 10AM to 5PM Sunday closed .

Edward McCavana LRPS
Information Officer Bangor and North Down Camera Club