Bangor and North Down Camera Club (BNDCC)

Bangor and North Down Camera Club, (BNDCC), Northern Ireland, UK.
"Promoting and developing all aspects of the art of photography through example, discussion and competition."

Bangor and North Down Camera Club


At RedBubble you can sell your photography, have it made into T shirt and calendars and sell those as well. You can publish your writing, poems, and short stories. While positive feedback is most welcome, if you want detailed feedback on your photography then Redbubble is probably not for you. Club members who want to learn from detailed feedback are encouraged to join Flickr and then join our private BNDCC members group. Click here for more information.

If you are interested in selling your best work, then Redbubble is one of many places that offer a free service. We have just recently set up a group for 'Friends of Bangor and North Down Camera Club' that is open to all past / current / and possibly new members to join. Be aware that Redbubble is open to everyone, unlike our Flickr group that is only open to club members.

For more information on how RedBubble works and a detailed tour click here.