Bangor and North Down Camera Club (BNDCC)

Bangor and North Down Camera Club, (BNDCC), Northern Ireland, UK.
"Promoting and developing all aspects of the art of photography through example, discussion and competition."

Bangor and North Down Camera Club

Bangor and North Down Camera Club

We now have an active Flickr group.

On Wednesday evenings we display photos and members take it turn to offer their feedback, before opening it up to the floor for further comment. All members have found this good fun and informative. We have extended this approach by setting up a private group on Flickr, which is only open to members of the camera club.

The purpose of our Flickr group is to encourage club members to post their photos and enter into debate and discussion. It can also be used to request specific feedback, ask questions, raise discussions or simply chat. It could be seen as the BNDCC virtual site! If you can't make it to a club meeting but want some feedback on your photos, or simply want some advice then this is the place to go!

If you are already a member of Flickr but can only see a black box on the left then you need to open a new browser window, go to Flickr and sign in.

If you would like to receive some feedback on your photography, without the whole world knowing about it, then simply join Flickr and then send the webmaster or his assistant your screen name. We will then send you an invite.