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Bangor and North Down Camera Club

Bangor and North Down Camera Club _V_ Bridgend Camera Club

Photo Harmony Audio-Visual Competition

August 2014

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Photo Harmony is intended to demonstrate skill in the production and visual progression of still images linked to sound.

No words or story with a specific beginning, middle and ending are required. The emphasis is on matching the images with appropriate transitions and harmonising them with the sound. Video clips are not allowed in the sequence.``

2. The purpose is to display a set of images, which harmonise with each other and with the sound used. The sequence should be constructed so that images progress harmoniously in terms of colour or tone and graphic design. The aim is not to display images which may be excellent when considered individually, but which fail to harmonise with each other and with the sound chosen. It is recommended that the sound and the images start and finish together and that the original ending of the music is preserved rather than an arbitrary fade-out. As with all techniques, digital manipulation can easily be overdone and result in an effect counter-productive to the one intended. Such modifications should be carefully matched to the overall concept being communicated by the images.

3. This competition is a Photo Harmony competition; it is a slide show of still images on a theme and set to music. Text is allowed to be used, within the sequence, but its use is discouraged.

4. All images must be the original work of the author.

5. The sequence must be produced / created by the author.

6. Collaborations are allowed.

7. Entries must be capable of being viewed on a Windows computer. These can be executable files (as produced by Pictures To Exe or Proshow Gold) or mp4’s (to be viewed with VLC Media Player).

8. The length of the slide show must be between 3 mins 30s to 8 minutes.

9. The sequence file name should only contain the title. There must be no reference to the club or author.

10. The sequence should contain no reference to the club or author.

11. Entries will be viewed, by the judge, using a Windows PC and a full HD widescreen digital projector (i.e. the display will be set to 1920 by 1080 pixels).

12. Entries will be submitted to a Box account, set up specifically and only for this competition. The username and password will be supplied to each club’s representative and the judge.

13. Costs: £5 per entry.

14. Each camera club will submit 10 sequences.

15. Individuals from each club may only submit a maximum of 2 sequences, this includes Collaborations.


I suggest I approach Malcolm Imhoff to judge the competition. As there is considerable work to be done, I suggest we pay him £100. The judge will be asked to:

1. Download and view all sequences.
2. Give each sequence a score between; 1 to 20.
3. Provide a short commentary on each sequence.
4. Offer a 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd placement (as there may be more than one sequence
with the highest score).
5. Prepare a Word or PDF document, outlining the scores and commentary, to be sent to each camera club chairperson.

Each Chair will know their entry titles and therefore be able to calculate the scores for each club. Each club would be allowed to download and show all entries from the other club.